Why should you keep your college and university diploma in college and university diploma frames? It is one of your most valuable documents. If you do not keep it safe, you risk losing it forever through the flood, fire or even mold. Here are some of the reasons to keep it safe. Read on to discover how to protect your valuable document. Also, learn about the importance of time management, as it is crucial for your future.

Why you should keep your college and university diploma

Your college and university diploma is one of your most prized possessions. However, storing it improperly can cause irreversible damage. Acids in storage holders can eat away at the cellulose in your diploma, making it yellow and brittle. To prevent this damage, purchase a museum-quality framing material that meets Library of Congress preservation guidelines. After purchasing a museum-quality frame, store it properly in a climate-controlled, UV-protected environment.

In addition to enhancing career prospects, a college or university education will help you access quality benefits and programs. Your employer may offer more healthcare benefits, extra vacation time, and better retirement investment options. Not only will this make your life easier after graduation, but it will also take the burden of saving for rainy days off your shoulders. By acquiring a college or university degree, you'll be better equipped for the workforce and personal empowerment.

Earning more money

According to the New York Fed, people with a college degree earn up to 14 percent more than those with only a high school diploma. In addition, people with a four-year degree make approximately $78,000 per year, compared to about $45,000 per year for people with just a high school diploma. However, the return on investment for college education varies depending on the field of study, location, and student debt. In addition, race and ethnicity play a large role in return on investment.

According to the report, half of the recent college graduates earn high incomes while the remaining 25% earn modest salaries or work in low-paying service jobs. While fewer recent graduates are employed in high-paying positions, those with a college degree earn more than those without. While the pay gap isn't as wide as it once was, it's still growing. The gap is even greater for those who have never earned a college degree.

Job stability

It is important to remember that the economy never remains in one place for long. We may panic in a recession and lull ourselves into a false sense of security in a boomtime. However, the fact remains that the right career path can provide substantial job stability even during a recession. Many strategies can help you keep your lucrative job and climb the career ladder.

First, a college degree means better job stability. While most people don't want to go back to school, research shows that people with college degrees are more likely to land a good job. According to the Lumina Foundation, college graduates are more likely to be hired than those with a high school diploma. Employers tend to seek out college graduates over high school graduates because of their experience, and they're more likely to have a solid education.