If you are looking for an exciting career in entertainment, earning a master's degree in the entertainment business will be an excellent choice. The degree focuses on a range of disciplines, from film and television production to digital marketing. There is also a wide range of career options available, such as directing or writing. To learn more about this program's benefits, read about common classes, salaries, financial aid, and more.

Benefits of earning a master's in entertainment management

Earning a master's in entertainment management can be extremely beneficial. The entertainment field has many career paths, ranging from art direction to production. For example, an advertising manager for a professional sports team has a very different job description than a PR director for a Disney theme park. And a master's in this field will give you the skills you need to specialize in one or more areas.

In addition to preparing graduates for an entertainment career, many graduate programs in this field include business courses. As a result, those with bachelor's degrees will be more competitive. Students who earn a master's in this field will have a higher level of education and more significant job opportunities. For example, 27 percent of U.S. organizations bumped jobs to a master's level from a bachelor's degree. Additionally, earning a master's online is much cheaper and easier.

Common classes

The curriculum of an Entertainment Business master's degree is typically divided into two parts: a course in leadership and personal development and a course in the entertainment business. While both versions cover the same basic information, the campus version provides more mentorship and interaction with professors and classmates. If you're self-motivated and want to take your education at your own pace, the online course may be for you. Here's a look at some of the most common classes in the program.

Students interested in the film and television industry may wish to enroll in the Graduate Certificate in Entertainment Business. This program covers the essentials of the industry, from marketing to financing to intellectual property rights. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the industry's operations and how they impact the creative process. In addition, students will learn about contemporary media production and distribution. After completing their studies, students will be prepared to find employment in this fast-paced field.


There are many career paths available in entertainment management. These positions pay well, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average annual salary for agents, managers, and producers is $102,070. The highest earners, on the other hand, make more than $184,000 a year. The lowest 10 percent make less than $36,000 a year. Depending on your area of expertise, you can earn even more.

The BLS projects a 22% job growth over the next decade for occupations in the entertainment and sports industries. This is more than double the average job growth projected for all occupations. This growth comes at a time when there is a growing need for business managers, agents, and promoters in a variety of industries. However, the skills you gain while studying for a master's in the entertainment business will be transferable to other fields.

Financial aid

The financial aid for the course masters in entertainment business can be quite beneficial for those pursuing an education in the entertainment field. Various grants and scholarships are available for this course. In addition, the costs involved in taking this program can be reduced by taking advantage of accelerated programs or transferring credits. The school may also award you credits for relevant coursework, professional training, and volunteer positions. Financial aid for the course masters in the entertainment business is also available, both institutional and subject-specific.

The cost of the course masters in entertainment business depends on the type of program you are looking into. In general, the course costs $45,000 for the 2021 cohort. In some cases, financial aid is available for international students. Other sources of financial aid are state-run scholarships and other forms of institutional aid. The Student Financial Services Office can provide additional information on these options. Another option is to look into scholarships offered by the MBA SEM. These are usually awarded based on academic achievement and financial need. To qualify for these scholarships, students must notify the Financial Aid office of any awards they have received. In addition, renewable scholarships can be automatically included in a student's account.