Business file sharing is gaining popularity due to the increased number of contractual workers and remote work. Below is a list of top considerations when searching for a reliable file transfer solution for your company.

Establish Your Business Requirements

Ensure you consider how the preferred file transfer solution will fit the existing systems, such as the We Transfer system. Most clients may ask is WeTransfer safe? Below is a list of factors to consider when evaluating a reliable file transfer system for your organization.

  • Accessibility: Ensure your interface is user-friendly and simple
  • Compatibility: Research the devices and operating systems that will support your preferred file transfer system
  • Limitations: Establish the restrictions your selected file transfer solution has in terms of the number of file transfers and data storage capabilities

Assess Your Security Requirements

Begin by establishing the level of encryption you'll need while noting any industry data compliance requirements. Make sure you consider anti-malware systems that complement the existing setup. Security is a primary concern for any organization as a secure file transfer solution minimizes data corruption and protects your brand reputation and company's operations. Work with providers like WeTransfer security as it's transparent regarding what it does to protect and store your data.

Select Your Preferred File Transfer Solution

There are numerous methods of file transfer solutions you can work with, including:

  • Peer-to-peer (P2P): The system utilizes a network of peers instead of a centralized server. P2P is ideal for business owners who want to transfer files with a small number of people
  • File transfer protocol (FTP): These programs enable users to edit and access files using a secure password. The file transfer solution facilitates the transfer of extensive files on any device connected to the internet.
  • Cloud solutions: These third-party systems utilize a central repository where a single user uploads data that other users can download and access with proper permission. Most businesses use cloud solutions to create data backup.

Multi-Platform Support

Ensure the preferred file transfer solution makes information accessible across multiple devices while keeping the data safe. A reliable file transfer software is compatible with Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Android. Web access is essential nowadays to facilitate the efficiency of any platform. Mobile compatibility is gaining popularity in the business ecosystem.

Compare the Charges

Perform due diligence to ensure your preferred file transfer solution's overall cost doesn't exceed the budget. Establish whether you'll pay the expenses monthly or yearly or if you must pay it upfront. Sometimes, the provider may need clients to pay for the bandwidth utilized for file transfers. Ensure you take advantage of free trials to understand the software features and interface better.

Choosing a reliable file transfer solution for your business may seem daunting due to the numerous variables involved. Different companies have varying file-sharing requirements, which demand solid security for file sharing and backups.