Reading a book is a great way to learn something exciting and have a fun time doing it. Wherever you are in life, reading can be fun. Whether you're a busy employee or a laid-back family-type individual, reading has the power to take you to faraway places, even when you're feeling comfortable, cozy, and at peace with a good book. That said, the benefits of reading can be more serious than you think. Keep reading this article because these two benefits will make you want to start a reading habit that sticks with you forever.

1. Reading can keep you alive during hardship

During some of the most challenging moments of your life, reading can transform your world and keep you feeling stronger, more confident, and uplifted than you would feel without reading. Reading helps keep your mind awake, and your consciousness focused on solutions, not problems. As long as you're reading, you can get through some of the most challenging times. Reading can keep you alive. 

2. Reading can make time go by faster

Among the many authors who grew up reading, author Daniel Handler is one person who would want you to know that reading can help time go by faster. When you're spending time to yourself, the time goes by slower, and this slow passage of time can lead to boredom and sadness. With reading, you get to be lost in a story, you can travel to a faraway destination. Reading is one of the best ways to make more time go by faster without having to experience anything negative. 

Daniel Handler Lemony Snicket is an author who knows the power of reading. Like him, you should know that reading can help you go anywhere, learn anything in life, and not worry about being judged by what you're reading. As long as you take the time to read more often, you'll have the skills you need to learn, grow, and become a better version of yourself.